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High Life Customs info:


Private Residence

High Life Villa
1 Drummond Road
Westmoreland Parrish
Negril, Jamaica
Your PORT was the last time you touched land before arriving in
Montego Bay NOT where you left from unless you had a direct flight.


• Local Contact Daniel Parkinson: 876-388-7092

• Driver 1 - Bryan 876-853-6261
• Driver 2 - Dez - 876-433-3997

• Driver 3 - Movie Star - 876-879-8193


• Chris Rix cell 501-627-4075

Travel Tips!


Call Credit Cards to let them know of your travel dates

OR they will likely not work.
Money Exchange rates are better from a bank atm
Data, roaming, & location services can cause a huge cell bill
Grocery: Hilo Sunshine Village

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