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Attractions in Negril, Jamaica

These are hand selected businesses or service providers our family has used and recommends. This list is to assist your travel without having to take precious vacation time figuring out what to do. Additionally, the typical Jamaican hustle is not present at these locations. We feel these stops are safe and secure.

• On Da Rocks - Dinning, Dancing, Oceanside location. Best food for the money.

• de Bar - Jerk Center & Bar

• 3 Dives - Jerk Center

• Xtabi - On the cliffs, ocean side caves to explore, snorkling, bar, wifi internet, good food

• Out of Town Bakery - west end, best patties

• Rock House or Push Cart - For Americanized Jamican 

• Cliff Side - Americanized Jamican

• The Light House - Tours only, western most point of Island

• Tensing Pen - Lovely Dinners, wifi internet, great sunsets & cocktails, cliffside

• Jackies on the Reef - Ocean Side Massage

• Margaritaville - On the beach, swimming, dancing, american food, cocktails

• Hi-Lo - at town square, grocery store

• Rick's Cafe - cliff divers, raggae at sunset, american food

• Ciao Jamica - Italian food

• Appleton Estates - Rum tour

• YS Falls - tropical waterfalls with zip line

• Ras Roody - Vegan & Organic

• Samuels - Hardware Store

• Hedonism - clothing optional beach. Daily fee

• Glass bottom Snorkel - Dream Girl - Captain RHONDAL - 876-408-2502

• Sun Beach - Best beach spot

• Judy's Variety Store - Gifts and Souvenirs


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